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COVID-19 has affected many entrepreneurs, small business, and consumers. This pandemic is something that no one saw coming, or even imagined would be as effective as it has come to be.

This memo is not meant to speak on the negative effects of the pandemic at hand,  it is meant to shed light on the beauty that has come from it. As we all know the lives taken and harsh circumstances that resulted from this pandemic is something that the world can agree is heart breaking. But I choose to find the rose that came from the concrete in this tough situation to remind myself that you must wither the store before the sunshine can break through. 

I too have felt the wrath of COVID-19. It was my plan to open the doors of LaShae Virgin Hair Hairtique and debut all my hard work. I looked forward to showing the world what I had to offer, and mapped out a Grand Opening that would shine light on all the tears, sleepless nights, and sacrifices that I made to ensure the success of my business. It was my plan to open the doors to my Hairtique this March of 2020. 

However, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. 

I spent many days and night praying over my business, fasting for the success and guidance in making the best decision for my business. I believed that God gave me confirmation that March would be the month to walk into my purpose and follow through with my dreams. But was I ever so wrong. I did not see this happening, I did not plan for a pandemic to ruin the plan I had for my business. 

However, once I took a step back to evaluate what was happening, I realized that my way of thinking was one that had to be put in check and God did just that. You see, I prayed, I fasted, and I asked God for guidance, but I thought that those actions were enough. They were not. See you can tell God your plans, you can pray over for you desires, and you can do everything in your power to reason with yourself on why things should work out, but you can not forget that God already had his plans for you. You can not forget that his plans are the best plans for you. You can't forget that in order to win you have to know what winning is and that can only be truly known from losing a few times. 

Faith, is blind. Faith is trusting that no matter what may come your way your going to be okay because God is in control. Faith is no hope because hope is sometimes uncertainty. Faith is true believe. So for me this pandemic is teaching me a lesson about faith. 

Aside from my religious beliefs, I was able to pay attention to my surrounding. I mean really pay close attention to the things that my eyes were not open to before. Self-reflection is something that is hard to do when you have a million distractions surrounding you. This pandemic has forcefully taken away a lot of distractions from peoples lives. This pandemic has forcefully made people self-reflect and face the things that were once easy to run from. 

Families are able to fellowship and spend quality time together. Strangers are willing to lend helping hands. Stress is not the same kind of stress it use to be. Life appears to be different then it was before. I believe that people are learning to value and appreciate what they have more, and the small thing that are normally taken for granted. 

A moth of being stuck in the house has taught me so much about myself, my business, my customers, and friends, and my family then I have ever know before. I have been more productive in this time then I have been in years. That is the beauty of being striped away of distractions that life can bring. 

Sometimes it to mentally, physically, and emotionally be still and that is what COVID-19 has forced the world to do be still. It is not what you go through in life that counts, it is how you get through it that matters the most. 

I would like to encourage any one reading this memo to use this time to not focus on what you have lost, what you wish you had, what you wish you could do, or where you think you should be. I encourage you to be positive, think positive, and focus on things that will benefit you mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

I encourage you to focus on being still in the storm. I encourage you to be patient. I encourage you to develop better habits. Develop habits that will benefit you personally. Rather it is spending time with your family, getting to know them better, or spending time on building your business, developing better habits and remaining positive is only going to bring you peace during this troubling time. It is only help you come out of this situation strong then before you were place in it. 

I encourage you to stay positive and have faith that better days are coming. This time is very uncertain, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. This is confirmation that we are not in control. However, one thins is certain, how you endure this troubling time matters. So I encourage you to have faith, be productive, and spend this time focusing on things that truly matter. Focus on the thing that are typically place on the back burner, because this is a time in which you can slow down and be productive. The seeds that are watered will eventually grow. 

So I hope you this memo has brought some comfort. We are all in this together. How you chose to spend your time, and how you chose to think matters. The distractions that once consumed you have been removed so what are you going to do with this time? How are you going to come out of time situation?


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