Lash Application Tweezers

LaShae Virgin Hair

Do you need help applying your lashes? No worries we have you covered. Save time and the amount of effort you spend applying your lashes. The Lash application Tweezers are specifically designed to make applying eyelashes quick and easy. Utilizing an innovative curved shape, these professional eyelash tweezers safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision – unlike using your fingers.
  • NO MESS: eliminate getting lash glue all over your eyelids, fingers, and the lashes themselves! With these eyelash tweezers in your makeup bag, applying lashes will be clean and crisp.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: As well as applying lashes, eyelash application tweezers act as a false lash remover. This tool removes the lash band without harming the eye area, making the entire process painless and simple.
  • SAVE TIME: makes applying eyelashes quick and easy,  guaranteed to save time applying lashes. 
  • COMPACT: Impressively lightweight and small in size, you can easily slip this false eyelash extension kit into your purse or pocket,    

 Material: durable stainless steel and alloy.

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