The Ponytail Extension

LaShae Virgin Hair

Ponytail extensions are a must have! 

The pony is perfect for any occasion! Ponytail extensions are easy to apply and use! They made from high-quality 100% virgin remy Hair This extension can be used for a long time and repeatedly! It looks natural & feels soft! 

How to Apply

1.Ponytail your own hair

2.Insert the clip in

3.Wrap around your ponytail

4.Attach the Velcro strongly 

5.Wind the tie around ponytail

6.Use clips to secure the ponytail

Hair Extension Care Instructions:

How to Wash: 

1. Wash in cold or warm water 

2. Add a dash of shampoo and wash gently 

3. Rinse thoroughly (incomplete rinsing dulls the fiber) 

4. Do not brush when wet allow Hair to naturally dry hang to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low setting.